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What the Portland Home Energy Score Program is about.

What is a Home Energy Score –

It’s a numeric score with particular energy improvement suggestions.  It provides comparable information about a homes energy use.  Homes get scored on a ten point scale where 1 uses the most energy and 10 uses the least.  It’s not a measurement of actual energy usage.  Actual energy usage can vary depending on the behavior of people living in the home.  In the same way, we use MPG ratings to compare different cars fuel efficiencies but we all know actual MPG will vary depending on the driver.  The Home Energy Score gives us a way to compare homes based on their energy efficiency. As well as, revealing the ways in which we can improve on the efficiency of the home.

Who is getting a Home Energy Score –

People in Portland are getting Home Energy Scores because the city mandated that everyone selling a home in the city must get one.  The fine is $500 for non-compliance – ouch!  You’re expected to have your Home Energy Score information displayed on advertising, in you RMLS listing, and available at an open house.  You may consider getting a Home Energy Score even if you don’t live in the city or you’re not planning on selling soon.  A Home Energy Score can be a cost-effective tool to discover ways you can save money on your energy bills as well as make your home more comfortable to live in.

Where do you get one of these scores –

You get Home Energy Score from an assessor that has been certified with the Department of Energy, the City of Portland, and Earth Advantage.  You can schedule one here

When are people getting them –

In Portland, a lot of people are getting Home Energy Scores right before they sell their home because of the city mandate.  However, getting one at any time or even if you live outside the city can be a good idea.  A Home Energy Score can be a cost-effective tool to discover energy savings in your home. Not only will you save money but your home will be more comfortable to live in. 

If you’re unsure if your home is within the city limits, go to Portland Maps and put in your address. Look at the jurisdiction, if it says Portland you are in the city.

Why is Portland doing this –

  • To help the environment by lowering the carbon footprint of the city and improve the air quality of the city.
  • And to give home buyers a way to compare a home’s energy efficiency against other homes in the market allowing them to make an informed decision.
  • So homeowners can make their homes more comfortable and less expensive to operate.
  • Portland has developed a Climate Action Plan.  A strategic plan to achieve a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and they are working hard to reach that goal.

         5 Things To Know about Portland’s Home Energy Score

  1. They are only required in the City of Portland but can be a great tool anywhere.
  2. The scores are recorded in public domain and can be viewed at The Green Building Registry.  
  3. Home Energy Scores are good for 8 years but if you make upgrades to your home the score can be renewed sooner.
  4. Homes in Portland must have a Home Energy Score before they are listed for sale. The score should be displayed in advertising, in you RMLS listing, and available at an open house.
  5.  There are some exemptions such as high rise buildings,  foreclosure, trustee’s sale, short sales. . . You can find out more about exemptions on page 8 of the Administrative Rules

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